Custom Cabinetry
Built-in bookshelves were just
the touch this home needed.  
The custom shelving includes
pocket doors to hide the
television and shelving for the
electronic equipment.  The
corner unit includes
hand-turned posts, and each
unit is trimmed in molding with
These beautiful built-in cabinets
were a perfect fit for this great room.
 The cabinets over the TV provide
ample space for hiding movies and
CD's, and the shelving below
provides space for the media
equipment.  The unit on the left
includes adjustable shelving and 2
sets of cabinets.
If you need your entire office redesigned, this
floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall office design is
exactly what you may be looking for.  Done in
solid oak and solid oak plywoods, this
beautifully stained set offers everything you
would need to run a home business.  Behind
each door is pull-out shelving for printers and
fax machines.  If a file cabinet is what you need,
both sets of cabinets can be fitted with brackets
for hanging file folders.  Click to view more.
What a centerpiece for this living room area!  
This entertainment center of maple wood
and burnt umber stain features pocket
doors for the television and pullout
component shelving in the bottom.  The
middle shelves are adjustable, and each end
cabinet has 45 degree fixed shelving.  The
entire unit is capped with dentil crown
molding.  Don't worry about  moving; all 10
pieces can be taken apart.
Click on any picture for additional views

This 15ft oak entertainment center is
stained in early american and is
capped with crown molding to match
the room.  On either side of the tv
there is adjustable shelving on top and
2 foot deep double cabinet doors on
the bottom.  The center component
cabinet on bottom features a glass door
for easy remote use.
This bathroom vanity is solid
oak with a walnut finish and
granite top.  The bottom
drawers on either side are
taller than most to allow plenty
of space for towels.  Click to
This classic double vanity
features 3 pull-out
drawers, 2 sinks, and a 6
ft closet.  Click the picture
for additional views.
Stained a rich brown, this
solid oak single vanity
features 6 pull-out drawers
and a single door.
Beautiful Maple Mantel in
a burnt umber.
Custom closets of every
girl's dream built in solid
maple with a natural finish.
Outstanding wall unit for
all of your entertainment
needs.  This was built with
maple wood using a burnt
umber stain.
A stunning new church
building with new alters,
tables, and pulpit.  All done
in solid oak and stained in
early american.